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Unless Hamburg is dipping into their reserves and spending big to completely re-vamp their squad, they’re probably better served spending that money they would spend on Rafa on 2-3 solid young players instead. I don’t expect this to go anywhere, but the rumors won’t be dying anytime soon.


Sky News’ trumpeted press conference with André Villas-Boas may have turned into a spectacularly underwhelming (and delayed) one-on-one interview, but it was none-the-less an interesting opportunity to hear from our new manager first-hand. Unlike his predecessor, AVB isn’t to be found throwing soundbites out of a car window somewhere in North London to anyone who will listen, so this was actually the first chance after his appointment to hear his own thoughts on the upcoming season.

Looking at his remarks, you can’t help but feel encouraged. There was no Redknapp-style smoke and mirrors on transfer targets, nor any downplaying of expectations. Plain and simple, the man wants to win titles with Spurs, and whether or not this plan ever comes to fruition, his ambition can’t be faulted. Here are a few choice soundbites from the interview, along with a few thoughts.

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Good stuff here.

Since Comolli left, we’ve reigned it in a bit with the spending. Sure, we’ve bought some decent players, but we’re not doing any Bentley-level stuff here. Suddenly, things appear to have changed a bit. Gylfi Sigurdsson and Jan Vertonghen have already arrived for £22m in total, and we’re about to drop a further £5-10m, plus a very large signing bonus on Emmanuel Adebayor. Tottenham’s circumstances haven’t really changed, but they’re spending money again.

Gylfi Sigurdsson’s first day of pre-season training
 July 9, 2012 

I should probably get Spurs TV Online.

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